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In addition to Joe himself, there are a bunch of great musicians and crew that are part of the Satriani camp.

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Joe Satriani - Guitars
Kenny Aronoff - Drums
Bryan Beller - Bass
Rai Thistlethwayte - Keyboards

Live Tour Crew

Alastair Watson - Production Manager/Lighting designer
Jarett Kemp - Production Coordinator
Michael "Ace" Baker - FOH Engineer
Mike Manning - Guitar Tech / Zen Master
Jose Baraquio - Drum Tech
Mike Babcock - Monitor Engineer
David Fosbinder - Stage Left Guitar & Bass Tech
Jacek Kolinowski - Tour Assistant


Mick Brigden - Direction
Morty Wiggins - Direction
Mike Manning - Guitar Tech / Zen Master
Jon Luini - Digital Strategy
Wayne Forte (Entourage Talent) - Booking Agency
Melissa Dragich-Cordero (MAD Ink, PR) - Publicity

Recent Studio Recording: "The Elephants of Mars"

Joe Satriani - guitars, keyboards
Kenny Aronoff - drums
Bryan Beller - bass
Rai Thistlethwayte - Keyboards
Eric Caudieux - keyboards
Ned Evett - spoken word

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