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Ned Evett

Singer/Songwriter/Scultptor/Fretless Guitarist/Animator

Vital Stats

  • Birthday: May 9
  • Nickname: Ned Zeppelin
  • Superpower: Ned has no sense of smell, and therefore cannot be defeated in a fart contest in a van full of musicians.
  • Facebook: Nedevett
  • Instagram: @nedevett
  • Twitter: @nedevett
  • Website:


Singer/Songwriter/Sculptor Ned Evett was born in Nashville, Tennessee. He is the inventor of the Glass-Necked Fretless Guitar and sliding Fretless Capo. In addition to their Crystal Planet collaboration, Ned has co-written an album's worth of new songs with Joe and hopes to record them soon.

"The Master of the Glass-Necked Guitar" - USA Today

"The World's First Fretless Guitar Rockstar" - Guitar Player Magazine

Ned's 2000 album "An Introduction to Fretless Guitar" was recorded in San Francisco with gear borrowed from Joe; Ned swears he gave it back!

Ned's 2012 album "Treehouse" was produced by Adrian Belew.

In addition to his Crystal Planet animation, Ned has also created robot music videos for Joe, and you may have also caught him playing live as the support act at some Joe concerts.


Crystal Planet
The Elephants of Mars (Spoken Word)
Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards (Tour, 2010-2011)
Strange Beautiful Music (Tour, 2002-2003)