Satch/Vai Tour Wrap-Up

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"The #SatchVai Tour shows were so much fun, so exhilarating, and so deeply emotional for me. Standing next to Steve Vai every night , improvising just like when we were kids in my backyard, was positively cathartic and transformative. It's hard to put into words the unique connection Steve and I have. When we put on our guitars and start making music together it's like a time-warp and a hyper-present all rolled into one continuous "now". Hugs and thanks to all our stellar band members, crew members, local crews, management, agents, accountants, doctors and all the service providers that took care of us when we would roll into their town. More hugs and thanks to our fans who have given us the greatest gift, their attention and their loyalty. I am forever humbled and grateful."


Guitar World June 2024 Issue Features Joe Satriani & Steve Vai on Cover

Joe and Steve are featured on the cover of the June Guitar World.

"Inside, they discuss their gritty youth back in Long Island, New York, the very first time they saw each other and - surprisingly - an obscure piece of music they composed (and recorded) together more than 50 years ago."

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SATCH/VAI: The Sea of Emotion, Pt. 1

Celebrating nearly five decades of musical friendship, JOE SATRIANI and STEVE VAI have collaborated on music for the first time! Released Friday, March 29, "The Sea of Emotion, Pt. 1" marks the FIRST time these two iconic guitarists collaborated on a piece of music.

The duo appeared on various radio stations across the U.S. discussing their friendship and their musical collaboration. On Friday, March 29th, the full 6-minute opus and a music video premiered, directed by Satriani's son, ZZ Satriani.

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The "Satch-Vai" tour is well under way, performing the new track as part of the encore.



A big "Thank You!" to all our fans for making the G3 Reunion Tour not only a complete success but a crazy, unpredictable, joyful experience.

Every musician who took the stage gave their all every night. There's no G3 without the bands standing with us, side by side, delivering their stellar, unrelenting, unique performances.

A big shout out to our amazing crew who got us to every gig, and made us look and sound great. And, to our brave special guests who added to the celebration that is at the heart of every G3 show.

Take a moment to check out the list of wonderful people who made this tour a reality*

Sharing the stage with Eric and Steve was a unique thrill: three different individuals going in different musical directions coming together to see what kind of guitar sorcery we could whip up fresh every night.

Cheers to ZZ for taking that first step on stage, a G3 stage no less, and nailing his first-ever live performance!

We filmed it. We recorded it. Stand by for more news on that...

* Joe Satriani Band and Crew:
Kenny Aronoff - drums
Bryan Beller - bass
Rai Thistlethwayte - keys, guitar, vocals
Alastair Watson - TM
Jarett Kemp - RM
Ace Baker - FOH
Jamie Fadden - Lighting Designer
Ruben Aguirre - monitors
Jose Baraquio - drum tech
Michael Arms - stage left tech
Edwin Adair - Joe's tech
Greg Kunit - Lighting Tech
David Ferretti - Audio system tech
Bryan Southard - Merch
Don Johnson - Truck driver
Glenn Jones - Band bus driver
Jimmy Gregerson - Crew bus driver



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2024 is shaping up to be an incredibly active year on the road with a series of very unique tours!

G3 2024 feat. Joe, Eric Johnson, Steve Vai
First up in Jan/Feb, is the long-awaited reunion of the original 1996 G3 lineup for a limited-engagement run of shows featuring Joe with Eric Johnson and Steve Vai.

Satch/Vai 2024 feat. Joe & Steve Vai
Next in March, April and May, Joe and Steve Vai celebrate their 50+ years of friendship with their first tour with just them together!

Best of All Worlds 2024 - Hagar/Anthony/Satriani/Bonham
Last, but certainly not least, July and August has Joe joining Sammy Hagar's band for the Best of All Worlds Tour which will feature a selection of material across Sammy's career, especially dipping into the Van Halen years.



Joe, Eric Johnson & Steve Vai have each selected 5 of the most impactful guitar tracks and you can soak up 15 songs of guitar excellence at the playlists below. For a description of their selections, check out Steve and Eric's recaps, Joe's to come soon!

Listen at: Spotify | YouTube