bandcrew > Is There Love In Space?

joe satriani

jeff campitelli

drums / percussion

matt bissonette


Galen Henson

tour manager / guitar

john cuniberti

engineer / co-producer

eric caudieux

co-producer / digital editing / guitar / keyboards

justin phelps

second engineer / digital editing

mick brigden


mike manning

tech crew

jose baraquio

drum tech

jon r. luini

internet / web

In addition to Joe himself, there are a bunch of great musicians and crew that are part of the Satriani camp.

Also, check out this archive of Joe's greeting messages & other cool clips.

Live Band
Joe Satriani - Guitars
Jeff Campitelli - Drums
Matt Bissonette - Bass
Galen Henson - Additional Guitar
Studio Recording: "Is There Love In Space?"
Joe Satriani - Guitars / Producer
Jeff Campitelli - Drums
Matt Bissonette - Bass
John Cuniberti - Engineer / Tambourine
Eric Caudieux - Digital Editing
Justin Phelps - Assistant Engineer
[ More Info & Credits ]
Mick Brigden - Direction
Galen Henson - Tour Manager
Mike Manning - Tech Crew
Jon Luini - Internet / Web

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