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Jose Baraquio

Jose Baraquio

Drum Tech

Vital Stats

  • Birthday: March 24
  • Nicknames: "Ho"
  • Twitter: @MPDrumTech


Jose first went on the road with Joe during G3 2001 as Mike Portnoy's tech (John Petrucci's band) and Virgil Donati's tech (Steve Vai's band). Soon after, he started teching for Jeff Campitelli halfway thru the Strange Beautiful Tour in 2002. He continued to tech all tours except for Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards in 2010.

He also has a mean trigger finger on the trusty old laptop sequences. He is a very patient man, seeing how long it took us to put this page together for him. :}


Satch/Vai Tour (2024)
G3 Reunion Tour (2024)
Earth Tour Europe (2023)
Earth Tour US (2022)
What Happens Next / G3 World Tour (2018)
Surfing to Shockwave Asia, Singapore
Surfing TRo Shockwave World Tour (2016)
Shockwave Supernova World Tour (2015)
Unstoppable Momentum Tour (2014)
Professor Satchafunkilus and the Musterion of Rock (Tour)
Super Colossal (Tour)
Is There Love In Space? (Tour)
Strange Beautiful Music (Tour, second half)