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joe satriani

chris chaney


kenny aronoff


eric caudieux

keyboards, sound design, etc

mike manning

zen master

mick brigden


jon r. luini

digital strategy / video

Shapeshifting Album, Tour Band & Crew

In addition to Joe himself, there are a bunch of great musicians and crew that are part of the Satriani camp. Sadly, due to the pandemic, none of them were able to show off what they could do on stages across the globe.

Studio Recording: "Shapeshifting"

Joe Satriani - electric and acoustic guitars, banjo, whistling, claps
Chris Chaney - basses, additional rhythm guitar on "Falling Stars"
Kenny Aronoff - drums
Eric Caudieux - keyboards, sound design, editing, percussion, whistling, claps
Lisa Coleman - Piano on "Waiting" and "Yesterday's Yesterday"
Christopher Guest - mandolin on "Yesterday's Yesterday"
Jim Scott - percussion, whistling, claps
Neil Baldock - claps


Mick Brigden - Direction
Mike Manning - Guitar Tech / Zen Master
Jon Luini - Digital Strategy

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