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Melissa Dragich


Vital Stats

  • Birthday: April 3
  • Nickname: Mel
  • Secret Superpower: Juggling deadlines, herding cats
  • Website:


Melissa first met and began working with Joe and Mick Brigden at the start of her music career - with a stint at Relativity Records as an intern and then publicity assistant. One of her first major PR events was the "Flying in a Blue Dream" record release party in October 1989 at the Santa Monica Airport. After leaving Relativity, Melissa worked at Def American Recordings for four years before rejoining Joe at Epic Records in 1996. She founded her own PR company, MAD Ink, PR, in February 2002 and welcomed Joe as one of her first indie clients. Melissa continues to lead publicity campaigns for both major and indie label artists and is proud to count Joe as her longest running client.


Flying In a Blue Dream, and just about everything since!