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John Cuniberti

Vital Stats:
Web Site Nickname: [N/A]
Birthday: June 12th
Nicknames: JC
Web Site: www.johncuniberti.com

John Cuniberti's career began as a 70's rock musician in the San Francisco Bay Area. To help pay the bills John joined a touring sound reinforcement company in 1976. He worked his way up to the position of mixing monitors for Stevie Wonder. In the early 80's John was managing Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco by day and recording the Dead Kennedys and many other alternative bands by night. In the 90's, John received both platinum and gold records for producing and engineering six Joe Satriani records. In 1996 John was given the task of mixing and mastering the complete catalog of five CDs for the late Kevin Gilbert (Tuesday Night Music Club) including the rock opera "The Shaming Of The True."

In 2000 John opened a CD mastering suite at the world famous Plant Recording Studios in Sausalito. For the next seven years John crafted his skills in the art of mastering. During his time there John mastered over a thousand CDs for both major and independent labels including Tracy Chapman, Sound Tribe Sector 9, Thomas Dolby, Aaron Neville and the Grateful Dead. John spent the summer of 2007 building a mixing and mastering suite in his home where he mixed Joe's Professor Satchafunkilus and The Musterion of Rock.

For more information on John's engineering services visit johncuniberti.com

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