the electric joe satriani - an anthology
Release Date Nov 18 2003
The Electric Joe Satriani: An Anthology Cover
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Disc 1
01. Surfing With The Alien
02. Satch Boogie
03. Always With Me, Always With You
04. Crushing Day
05. Flying In A Blue Dream
06. The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing
07. I Believe
08. Big Bad Moon
09. Friends
10. The Extremist
11. Summer Song
12. Why
13. Time Machine
14. Cool #9
15. Down, Down, Dow n
Disc 2
01. The Crush of Love
02. Ceremony
03. Crystal Planet
04. Raspberry Jam Delta-V
05. Love Thing
06. Borg Sex
07. Until We Say Goodbye
08. Devil's Slide
09. Clouds Race Across The Sky
10. Starry Night
11. Mind Storm
12. Slick
13. The Eight Steps
14. Not Of This Earth
15. Rubina


This double CD features fully remastered versions of Satch's greatest tunes, along with personal liner notes by Joe for each song. Also of note is the inclusion of "Slick" (previously unreleased) and "The Eight Steps" (previously only available in Japan). The tracks included on this release were directly influenced by votes from Joe's online fan club.

Promotional Text:
When Joe Satriani's Surfing With The Alien hit the street in 1987, people took the record to heart. The unknown artist on the then underground Relativity label struck the right chord with music fans around the world with his powerful signature style. A baffled and astonished record industry could only step back and watch in amazement as Surfing With The Alien went on to defy traditional instrumental rock limitations to become a multi-million selling GRAMMY(r)-nominated critical tour de force. Joe was touted as the soft-spoken maverick, a rock and roll guitar-slinger who proved there was an audience for music that didn't fit into tidy categories and opened the door for the slew of rock instrumentalists who have since followed his path.