professor satchafunkilus and the musterion of rock
Release Date Apr 1 2008
Professor Satchafunkilus and the Musterion of Rock Cover
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01. Musterion
02. Overdriver
03. I Just Wanna Rock
04. Professor Satchafunkilus
05. Revelation
06. Come On Baby
07. Out Of The Sunrise
08. Diddle-y-a-Doo-Dat
09. Asik Veysel
10. Andalusia
* Ghost (iTunes bonus track)
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Joe Satriani on guitars, bass, keyboards
Jeff Campitelli on drums, percussion
Matt Bissonette on bass
ZZ Satriani on tenor sax
John Cuniberti - on percussion

Produced by Joe Satriani and John Cuniberti
Engineered by John Cuniberti
Recorded at The Plant, Sausalito, CA
Additional recording by Joe Satriani at Studio 21
Mixed by John Cuniberti and Joe Satriani at The Plant and The Digital Therapy Lab
Assisting engineer and digital editor Mike Boden
Digital editing and sound design by Eric Caudieux
Mastered by Bernie Grundman

All songs by Joe Satriani
Published by Strange Beautiful Music/ASCAP

Art Direction and Design by Rex Ray.
Photography by Leann Mueller

Direction by Mick Brigden


Musterion Joe: guitars, piano and bass Jeff: drums and bongos. Overdriver Joe: guitars, Matt: bass, Jeff: drums and percussion. I Just Wanna Rock Joe: guitars and robot vocals, Matt: bass, Jeff: drums, shaker, tambourine and cowbell, Crowd vocals: David Arnold, Jeffrey Arnold, Keith Baker, Doris A. Bergman, John D. Bilbee, Gary Brawer, Jeff Brown, Nolan Meghrouni-Brown, Zak Meghrouni-Brown, Chris Conn, Jeff Campitelli, Gabriella Campitelli, Jeffrey Cotsifas, Chloe Cotsifas, John Crockett, John Cuniberti, Doug Doppler, Melissa Doppler, Alex Doty, Cheryl Doty, Edward R. Doty, Scotty Ford, Arnie Frager, Sean Gelbaugh, Jonathan Gilleland, Aaron Jacobson, Robert Lewis, Jon Luini, Maaike Luini, Mike Manning, Kevin Mayeda, Constantine 'Dino' Nickolas , Alana Powers, Jim Powers, Rubina Satriani, ZZ Satriani, Chris Solberg, Mari Tamburo, John Sovik, Elizabeth Vaughan, Amir Zitro. Professor Satchafunkilus Joe: guitars, keyboards and bass bits, Matt: bass, Jeff: drums and percussion, ZZ: sax, Handclaps by Joe, Jeff, John and Mike. Revelation Joe: guitars and piano, Matt: bass, Jeff: drums. Come On Baby Joe: guitars and piano, Matt: bass, Jeff: drums, John: tambourine. Out of the Sunrise Joe: guitars, piano and bass, Jeff: drums, John: tambourine. Diddle-y-a-do-Dat Joe: guitars and organ, Matt: bass, Jeff: drums, John: tambourine. Asik Vaysel Joe: guitar, Matt: bass, Jeff: drums and percussion. Andalusia Joe: acoustic and electric guitars, Matt: bass, Jeff: drums, hand claps and percussion, Mike Boden: handclaps.



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