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I first saw Joe in a small bar in Cotati California in approx. 1982 (Cotati Cabaret) playing with THE SQUARES. I was a young local guitar gun at the time with visions of being the next Jimmy Page. I had never heard of this guy and he just blew me away. Right then I realized how far from the mark I was. Little did I know I was hearing one of the greatest guitarists in the world. Since that time I was not successful becoming the next... but I did graduate with a degree in music, worked both sides of the glass in studios and played live locally. I drifted from guitar to start a family and founded a successful small national telecommunications business that I still run today successfully 10 years later. I "found" Joe again in 1998. I had hardley played the previous 10 years and took the "Crytsal Planet Challenge". Within 6 mos. I was sounding kinda like Joe and feeling cocky. Then I saw Joe live and realized the gap was still there. I am truly inspired and amazed by Joe's skill and classy approach to instrumental music. I would be honored to interview Joe. I think whomever is choosen will have an easy job because Joe's talent is obviously equaled by his humility.


Rick Sheldon

Submitted 2005-03-09 12:10:06

Question 1:

Back in the early 80's with the Squares, did you ever think your fans would appreciate your musical skills as a writer, specifically your melodies as much as your technical skill?
Question 2:

If you had never had the success with "Surfin" and had never "made it" in the music business, what do you think you would have done with your life?
Question 3:

At what point in your career did you as a guitar player realize you sounded like "Joe Satriani" and not like all the guitarists that influenced you?
Question 4:

How do you relate to the diversity of your fans? Specifically, so many of us are guitarists that for various reasons are working 8-5 jobs in all walks of life but many of us would love to have your job. What do you say to a fan like this?
Question 5:

What is the single most FUN thing about being Joe Satriani?

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