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There are no specific qualifications that I have to be able to interview Joe. After hearing his music and seeing him live I have thought he would be really cool to interview. Joeís music has inspired my life, the way I write music, look at music, understand music and play guitar and other instruments. My appreciation for music has also been stretched from listening to his music. I greatly respect and honor Joe Satriani and am thankful for him.

One thing I donít want to do is ask Joe a bunch of technical questions that he has already been asked over and over again. By technical I mean effects, guitars, amps, etc, etc. The information is already on the internet (somewhere, and if itís not just wait a couple of weeks) and has been asked in other interviews.

Submitted 2005-03-04 00:50:25

Question 1:

What do you believe in?
Question 2:

How did you meet Rubina?
Question 3:

What are your goals in life and what do you still desire to accomplish?
Question 4:

In the song "I Believe" you said, "We can change anything." If you could change anything, what would it be?
Question 5:

What is your favorite movie, book, food, and topic to study?

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