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Sketch Sat Jun 07 '14
The Space At Westbury
Westbury, NY, US
Rank: 8 Posted: Tue Jun 10, '14 1:10 pm

Okay - my wife and I drove 400 miles to see this concert. We got lost in NYC, and got stuck on the dreaded LIE (WTF people? seriously). Overall the experience was better than I was expecting, as EVERYONE - including the folks at White Castle (our first time there) were phenomenal. We paid the extra money to meet Joe which was exciting, but also a pretty big let-down. I felt like cattle. stand in line, walk up, shake hands, he signs, smiles for the pic and NEXT! So I got to meet Joe, but I didn't meet him (he's a lot harrier than I had expected a la Robin Williams, but really laid back and chilled). but again, maybe it works for him - maybe the whole thing makes HIM feel like he's in a cage with people staring at him, shaking his hand, signing something, smile, NEXT! I can't say it was money well spent, but I got to shake his hand got my favorite CD (self titled) cover signed.

The Space @ Westbury was awesome. Max cap of 1500, we had seats in the balcony, but we could see and hear everything. Unfortunately this included the opening act. They sounded like the music from Spongebob Squarepants, only worse. Imagine that horrific shrill Hawaiian-esque sound, amplified to 120 dbls. I kid you not - my wife and I had to leave it was so bad. The drinks were hit and miss - as with anywhere - depending on the bartender. Frank - the GM was spot-on with everything (as far as I saw and experienced). He called me back when I had questions re: parking, and made it a point to make sure my wife and I were well taken care of. Frank was the BEST!

Joe came on-stage about 9pm and played ~90 minutes with a 2-song encore (crowd chant and Summer Song) which he flat-out DESTROYED... Overall, the sound was fairly clean for most songs - and most songs were 10 /10. The drum solo was great - I didn't know one could even play the drum sticks themselves. As this was my first Satch concert after being a fan for 20+ years, I didn't know what to expect. Everyone seemed to play with enthusiasm, but weren't overly energetic. The songs were GREAT. Anytime you can feel Devil's Slide/Why/Surfing With The Alien in your chest, its a good night. Maybe I just built it up in my mind too much that expectations would never be met, but I don't think so. It was a GREAT Experience (even getting lost and paying $15 for the Lincoln Tunnel, though you can keep the LIE - WTF? Seriously.), and I will definitely see Joe if he comes closer than 400 miles, but hopefully he enthusiasm will turn into energy.

(Joe Axeshredder)
Sat Jun 07 '14
The Space At Westbury
Westbury, NY, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Sun Jun 08, '14 4:24 pm
What an awesome show. Joe was really having a ball on stage. I met him before the show and had my book signed. Band was spot on as expected though the usual extended endings seemed shorter. Settlist didn't seem to be any different than the other 2 shows i saw on this tour. Joe has a few new tricks i noticed...or maybe he was just playing around. Sound system at this place was state of the art...a couple of subs and a few racks of 10 speakers (L&R) and 4 stage speakers there lit the place up with quality sound. Thanks to Mike M. for throwing me a pick though disapointed it wasn't an Extra Thanks Joe for your note in my/your book. :) I was really nice not having to travel into Manhattan to see ya. A perfect night i wont forget! You never disappoint!!!!