show review
Aquilotto Thu Jul 03 '14
Cascina San Giacomo
Rezzato, , IT
Rank: 8 Posted: Tue Jul 22, '14 12:22 pm
Wow, what a nice "rural" place to enjoy the show! This has helped to feel the closeness to the stage and the artists. Initially (and also again during the show) the audio was not perfect but it's important to mark that the feedback from the crowd was considered and helpful to refine on. Anyway, Joe was truly amazing, I love his style and I'm glad to see that improves year after year, like any good wine! Mike is absolutely complete, his notes was all around, ever. Brian is a great player and I like in this line up. Marco was lightly undertone respect the previous show last year but not too much. :) I like his style and his groove sounds good behind this music. Thanks all, I hope to meet you as soon as possible, Italy loves you!