show review
(David Johnson)
Wed Oct 16 '13
Northern Jubilee Auditorium
Edmonton, AB, CA
Rank: 8 Posted: Thu Oct 17, '13 10:42 am

My 4th or 5th Satch show.

Gordie Johnson's opening band was great. It wasn't exactly what I was expecting from Gordie, but I was impressed. Bought their disc after their set and had them sign it. Sit Down Servant offered swampy slide guitar driven blues and lots of psychedelic tones.

Joe's show was great, too. The band was stellar! Marco was amazing on drums while Bryan was solid on base. Do I need to say how cool Mike is?

The crowd was typical of the Jube: pretty sedate. It seemed that Joe was having a bit of trouble getting the crowd warmed up but that's just the way that place is. At one point he talked about the USA and played Shine On American Dreamer, which kind of went over like a lead balloon in Edmonton. I was enthralled regardless but wished for a bit more intimacy with the band (I liked him at WEM more).

Finally, the idiot who kept yelling at the bands was three seats to the right of me. Wish I could have given him a spock shock to silence him for an hour or two.