show review
BernieW Fri Oct 11 '13
Massey Hall
Toronto, ON, CA
Rank: 2 Posted:
Wed Oct 16 '13
2:51 am
The sound mix was terrible, all I could hear was bass and drums. I came to hear Joe and couldn't. At times the bass was so loud it was distorting and when a bit of guitar came through it sounded like it was in a different key. I had pretty good seats, first balcony, six rows back, a little to the left. Most of the preople around me left before it was over...too could have been a great concert, I'm a big fan of Joe, but I could not hear him the whole night.....

(Dave Rowland)
Fri Oct 11 '13
Massey Hall
Toronto, ON, CA
Rank: 10 Posted:
Sat Oct 12 '13
9:24 am
This is the 10th time seeing Joe & it just gets better & better. There is something new every time you see him. It was nice to see him do "Devil's Slide", "The Crush Of Love", "Cryin" & "Surfing With The Alien" again. I'll Put A Stone On Your Cairn was really nice & then goes right into A Door Into Summer. The big surprise is how good Mike Keneally really is. His addition to the line up was great on Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards , but now he has taken his talent to another level & seeing what I saw tonight will make a believer out of anyone. I thought I was at a mini G3 concert when him & Joe got going..It was nuts!!!! Bryan Beller is a good bass player & did a good job. The touring addition of Marco Minnemann on drums was amazing! I love Jeff Campitelli, but Marco added so much more, including a great unique drum solo. I have been a true loyal fan of Joe's since Surfing came out & every tour provides the chance to see songs played live that he may or, not do ever live again so it' s always great to check him out each time he come's to your city. I hope he does another Blu ray release of this tour, it' s spectacular..the visuals were really nice, including old footage of Joe with hair...The opening act " Sit Down Servant" we're OK , but if I had my preference , I would rather have seen " Gary Hoey" . Thanks for another memorable night of pure guitar shred. Thanks also for playing so many Canadian dates on this tour. I hope you will do this again on future tours. Canada loves you & you can live here for good if the US debt/ Obamacare gets too much to handle & you need to get out...Take Care Joe! Enjoy your western Canadian part of the tour & come back again soon...You are the real deal & will always support you.