show review
(Greg Frank Marcus)
Tue Oct 08 '13
National Arts Centre
Ottawa, ON, CA
Rank: 10 Posted: Tue Feb 03, '15 7:35 pm

Somehow managed to score a front row seat directly in front of Joe even after missing out on the presale! Didn't win the aftershow (again!!) but won the signed setlist. I've seen Joe many times with many amazing players but this will remain my favorite line-up that Joe has ever assembled. I'm a HUGE Aristocrats fan so this was dreamy for me to see 2/3 of the group AND 1/2 of Dethklok! Joe, as usual, played flawlessly and relentlessly, giving us all a nice big helping of that Unstoppable Momentum!

Here are a few pics:
The first (& best!) picture I took!
Couldn't be much closer!
Winner winner chicken dinner!!

kimosaby Tue Oct 08 '13
National Arts Centre
Ottawa, ON, CA
Rank: 10 Posted: Wed Oct 09, '13 6:22 pm
My husband and I treated ourselves to the Meet and Greet VIP Package for the Joe Satriani show at the NAC in Ottawa on October 8, 2013. We were given our tour memorabilia; numbered tour poster, Joe's personal photo, and Flying in a Blue Dream T-Shirts. Then we were lead to the back stage and got to tour Joe's (5) guitars he was to use for the show, his pedals, as well as the set up for the other band members. We took some great photos. After the back stage tour was finished we were all given a break for over an hour before we could meet Joe. We didn't know there was going to be a break in between, but we found a great pub and had a couple cocktails and a fast meal and headed back. When it was time to meet Joe, we all lined up to meet Joe and a couple people had guitars to get autographed like my husband. Finally it was our turn to meet Joe. My husband and I got a couple of pictures taken with Joe. Boy Joe is alot taller than I thought he would be even with my heels on LOL. , Also Joe was super generous and signed my husband's guitar, our tour poster, Joe's personal photo, two other tour posters we brought from home, two CDs, an 1987 magazine, and a tablature book. I know it says Joe would only sign one thing per person, but hey it was worth the try, and well worth it in the end. We walked away with nine items between the two of us being signed. Joe is such an approachable and nice guy. Hard to believe this guy is so quiet and modest seeming in person and such a hardcore Rock Star guitarist on stage. My husband and I are so glad we did the Meet and Greet this time around, instead of just the VIP like other times. The concert was excellent. The new tracks from his Unstoppable Momentum Album/CD were fantastic. Also Joe mixed in some older tracks like the Devil's Slide, the Crush of Love, Always with me Always with you, Satch Boogie, Surfing with the Alien etc. The songs were all merged in very well together. It was nice to Mike Kennelly playing rhythm guitar as well as the keyboard. I had never seen Chris Chaney the bassist or Vinnie Colaiuta on drums play at a Satriani concert before and they fit in just perfectly. They are excellent artists. I don't know what else to say except our seats were right in front of Joe in the second row. We couldn't ask for better sits. Can't wait until Joe tours again. He never disappoints in any way. He is the best live concert I have EVER seen in my life. I would highly recommend getting a Meet and Greet package at least once if you are a huge fan of Joe Satriani.

(Alain Dessureault)
Tue Oct 08 '13
National Arts Centre
Ottawa, ON, CA
Rank: 10 Posted: Wed Oct 09, '13 11:11 am
Joe Satriani's magic interweaved with a rock solid band!

After a very pleasant opening act from canadian band 'Sit Down Servant', Joe started his set on time with a crystal clear sound and an energy I could feel. I was honored with the possibility to walk and look at the stage prior to the show, and to get him to sign a T-Shirt I bought for my teenage daughter. During the show, the interactions between Joe and his band members was very delightful. There is nothing like seeing pros having so much fun on the stage. I won't go into the details of the set list because I don't want to give out the magician's secrets. I can say that all songs from his most recent album were played with so much joy and rigor at the same time.
Special kudos to Mike, I was able to picture myself - not that I can play the same things you do - but the energy you had was contagious. Long live to you and your musicianship, again kudos!!
My favorite song has been played - Surfing with the Aliens - with exactitude no one else can demonstrate.
Joe, thanks and a personal thanks to Lesley for getting the 'Meet and Greet', and I wish at some point in time I could spend some time to ask about studio related topics.
You helped me getting through some painful moments, 'Carpe Diem' my dear Joe. A.