show review
(George M)
Fri Sep 20 '13
Taft Theatre
Cincinatti, OH, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Sun Sep 22, '13 6:10 pm

I've been able to see Joe just about every time he's passed through Cincinnati and he and the band were just great. They must have done at least 60 shows already on this tour and yet the entire band looked fresh and very enthusiastic to be playing for us. Mike, Marco and Brian are each fantastic musicians in their own right and compliment Joe's music quite nicely. The moments when Mike and Joe trade guitar licks (and there were several times during the show where they did) were very entertaining as was Marco's drum solo. Steve Morse was also fantastic as the opening act and played about a 45 minute set. Nice to see Dave LaRue playing bass with Steve (he's really good and I've always enjoyed hearing him play live).

Joe and Band - I don't know if you read these reviews or not but if you do, thanks for stopping in Cincinnati and sharing your music with us. It was a real treat and a great evening. I hope we'll see you again soon!