show review
(Joe Axeshredder)
Fri Sep 13 '13
Hard Rock Live
Orlando, FL, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Thu Sep 19, '13 7:25 am

Ive seen alot of shows but this tour blows all others away!!!!!

What a show! What a crowd! They loved every minute of Joe's performance. Joe's new band is pretty amazing especially Mike Keneally. He must have been taking a few lessons from Joe because i had now idea from the last tour that Mike can tear it up at Joes Level! After hearing the ending of Unstoppable Momentum, I was expecting Marco Minnemann to light up the drums but that was surely is an understatement. What an awesome drummer!...and a very different drumset from where i was....which was so far...the last time i was this far Joe had hair. Bryan Beller was great too..did his Job as a bass player and looked cooler than Did I forget to mention the expected...Kicked ass and tore that stage apart...and seemed to be enjoying every minute with a constant popping smile. The crowd loved it and expressed it..and Joe seemed to notice it! Cant wait to see that at the Beacon next week and will be prepared for it this time.