show review
(Mark Thomas)
Fri Sep 06 '13
Verizon Theatre at Grand Prarie
Grand Prairie, TX, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Sun Sep 08, '13 7:49 am
Come on Dallas the greatest guitarist ever was here and the house was half full. Oh well awesome show...Joe you are just way ahead of our time. Time Machine was so cool when I was expecting to hear Cool#9 after the drum solo. So cool when Joe played the last note of it while handing off the guitar to Mike so Mike ended that I had Goosebumps. My wife and I walked down to the stage for the encore at least all the true Dallas fans were down there hehe. I loved hearing all the new songs and wish we heard the whole album. Some people like to hear the old stuff all the time but I can go see Styx for that hehe. I wish Joe played more off all the awesome tunes he created this past decade rather than the previous ones. Joe is amazing I think I just might drive down to Austin tonight!