show review
(JR Riccio)
Sun Sep 01 '13
Talking Stick Resort Ballroom
Scottsdale, AZ, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Sat Sep 07, '13 11:38 am
Amazing show in ScottsDale. Good room for rock&roll bands, and Joe and Steve did not disappoint. The new JS material is wonderful live, the band really lifts this up and delivers on target. It's amazing to hear Joe maintain such unique tonality through each song, this band is 'huge' in its sound and it's tightness. Tunes like American Dreamer, others are huge in their presence. The title track is amazing live. Also, Joe reaches back to some very early tunes, 'Rubina' and others. ICE9 was a treat as were some others. One real positive aspect in the show was the front-projection flim/show that was used during portions of the show overall. Some early Joe Satriani video shots, some JS art work and other scenes that enhance the music sets - this was a very cool addition. Steve Morse opened the show fast&loud and left it that same way, good stuff by Steve Morse who also has a killer band behind him. At one point, I think some guitar trouble, but that was quickly fixed it seems. All is well on the JS tour. Thanks much to Joe and Mick of course Shel' is going to dig this tour.