show review
(Francesco Cristian D'Ambrosio)
Tue May 28 '13
Napoli, , IT
Rank: 10 Posted: Tue Jul 02, '13 6:42 am
I think that this concert is one of the best concesert of the tour. The song was fantastic, but I think that Joe could insert the song "The Mystical Potato head groove Thing" but it isn't a problem because the other song was so fantastic. Before this show i was drawn to meet Joe! It, as I said to Joe, was the best moment in my life!!! Joe was very friendly and polite! He answered all my questions about his gear! The concert was great and the performances was fantastic, but I think the best performances were Ice 9, Unstoppable Momentum and Surfing with the Alie. In "Ice 9" was fantastic the Jam Session between Joe and Mike Kenneally wich had a long duration with very good performances on the guitar. In unstoppable momentum I got to know the great talents of drummer Marco Minneman, who I had the honor of knowing in the meet to greet. Surfing with the alien is my favorite song and listen to it live for me it was really exciting. What made it really egregious the performance of this canon has definitely been the new sound of the guitar due to the new Marshall amps, pedals and excellent choice of pick up! Overall sound I have to say it was brilliant choice of sustaniac in the neck position, because Joe has had a chance to impress the public at any time with magnificent effects due to the pick up. Keep on Rock Joe!