show review
fracguru Thu Jan 20 '11
House of Blues
Houston, TX, US
Rank: 9 Posted: Fri Jan 21, '11 8:29 am

Great show! Joe played for a solid 2 hours. He played a lot of my favorite tracks from his old stuff, including War, Crystal Planet, and Why. The only song I was really wanting to hear that I didn't get was I Wish I Could Fly.

If you're a Joe fan I think you'll really appreciate this set list. Other songs I remember were Flying in a Blue Dream, Mystic Potato Head Groove Thing, Surfing with the Alien, Summer Song, Light Years Away, Crowd Chant, Always With Me..., Dream Song. That's off the top of my head, like I said, it was a solid two hours.

There were a couple of new songs that I was familiar with but couldn't remember the names to.

I found it a bit funny that the set list hit some really old albums like Surfing, Extremist, and Flying. No Cyborg Sex (that album seems to be purged from memory) and some of the more recent albums only had a single song or were omitted entirely.

I was REALLY pumped to hear War and Crystal Planet. Definitely 2 of my top 5 Satch songs.

I thought the crowd was an interesting mix. Lots of 35-50ish guys with their women (like me!). I'm sure these guys have been listening to Satch since the 80's (like me!). However, a pretty good mix of younger guys, too. Maybe been exposed to Joe on Rock Band/Guitar Hero? As usual, just like a Rush concert, the line in the guys' bathorom was longer than the one for the ladies.

Backing band was excellent. Joe had a lot of interaction with the keyboards and that was pretty cool.

Keep it up Joe! I hope to be listening to your albums and seeing you live for many more years!

(michael lary)
Thu Jan 20 '11
House of Blues
Houston, TX, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Fri Jan 21, '11 7:23 am
One of best shows I have ever seen