show review
gotta have Joe
(Kayla Whitham)
Sun Jan 09 '11
Bing Crosby Theatre
Spokane, WA, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Mon Jan 10, '11 6:50 pm
This was the most amazing expeirence of my life! The guys were AMAZING! This was my birthday celebration and I couldnt have asked for anything better! You guys are SO amazing. Words cant explain how much this meant to me! I got to meet my hero 2 days before my 20th birthday! Who can ask for something better than that! You guys have changed my life forever! Galen you are so awesome for helping me out with back stage access, I am forever greatful! Mick, you are such a nice guy and it was so nice to have met you and talk with you, thank you so much! Jeff, I never did get my picture with you, but I did get to say hello :) (your much taller than you seem btw haha) both Mike's you guys rock, Alan, AWESOME!!!!! Great guy!, and of course, JOE- You are the greatest, finally getting my chance to meet you and the rest of the band, I cant even explain that feeling. You have been my hero for SO long, I have had your music in my life my WHOLE life, getting to see you guys again and finally getting to meet you, It has definitely changed my life! Thanks guys for all your hard work and dedication and thank you all for your birthday wishes! You guys are the best and I look forward to many more shows and meetings :). WE LOVE YOU!