show review
Indy Mark Tue Dec 07 '10
Aronoff Center for the Arts
Cincinnati, OH, US
Rank: 8 Posted: Fri Dec 10, '10 1:18 pm
Audio trouble for th opening act. Could not here the guitar while the others were playing. The sound was off through first four songs of Joe's set also. But after that they got it dialed in. Got my moneys worth out of the last 3/4ths of the show. Joe and the band played great. Not sure if Joe needs an opening act, it would be nice for Joe to play for three hours and cover more material. Do it like the San Fran DVD with a little break in the middle. Looking forward to the Chigago show and the next FOOT CD.

Big Sky Tue Dec 07 '10
Aronoff Center for the Arts
Cincinnati, OH, US
Rank: 9 Posted: Thu Dec 09, '10 10:52 am
Great Show. Was Spoiled by the Night in St. Louis ( couple of years back ) when it was just a Joe Show (3 1/2 hrs ). Opening act Ned Evett was good but the sound mix was off. Everybody was having lots of fun. Great place for a show.

(Darin Martin)
Tue Dec 07 '10
Aronoff Center for the Arts
Cincinnati, OH, US
Rank: 9 Posted: Wed Dec 08, '10 8:39 pm

The first time I've seen Joe live since Crystal Planet tour.

The venue was very very nice. The only bad thing is that they were selling drinks so people were getting up and going for refills or to the bathroom because you really only rent beer or that double tall latte.

The opening act was Ned Evett who plays fretless guitar. He had good energy and tried his best to get people warmed up for Joe. I need to pick up his CD so I can hear the tunes better. His sound was way too muddy.

Joe was in form as always. I was amazed to hear tunes like Hordes of Locusts and Not Of This Earth. Everything sounded really good. I do agree with another reviewer from 1 or 2 nights ago that the orange and white guitars sounded hotter than the red guitar (which was freaking gorgeous). Don't know if it's the pickups or what, but they were definitely louder.

The whole group really worked together well. Galen Henson was all over the place looking like he was having a blast. Jeff was fantastic as always. I really like the added layer that Mike Keneally brought to everything. I hope Joe decides to use him on his next project. Allen Whitman was outstanding too.. I could have watched them all night.

The only reason I didn't give this a 10 is because they didn't play Wormhole Wizards. I really wanted to hear that one live. Oh well. Can't complain.. I got to see Joe live..