show review
(Ken Hutcheson)
Fri Dec 17 '10
House of Blues
Cleveland, OH, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Sat Dec 18, '10 1:15 pm
Hands down this was the best show i have been to, and i have been to everyone that has in Cleveland or in the area. The set-list was awesome. Joe included songs from Not of This Earth, Crystal Planet,Surfing,and of course a lot of the new songs from Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards. Adding Mike on keyboards was a great addition. Mike looks like a super fun guy for being a Piano-Wizard and all. I loved the Green Mario 1-up shirt. I also loved the bass player, He is a nice change. I still love Stu and always will. What can i say about Jeff, WOW!!! what a great drummer (very much underrated) Then there's Galen, Man you could go out on your own. I mean, The guy can play. I know Joe knows talent when he sees it, so i hope he keeps you on. What a great show. I look forward to the next album and the next tour. I won't miss it. Thank You Joe, You are the man