show review
(Stephen Kelly)
Sat Nov 20 '10
Rockstar Live
Bilbao, , ES
Rank: 10 Posted: Wed Nov 24, '10 12:59 pm

I'd travelled from Dublin to make this show and can quite definitely say it was worth the trip! Joe was simply on fire tonight. I'd seen the first gig of the tour in Dublin but must say that this was a much more polished performance from the group as a whole, those five weeks on the road really contributed to a fantastic performance from the group all round. I must say, I always wonder how the hell Joe plays like he does and having watched him for a full two and a half hours tonight left the venue even more bemused as to how this guy does what he does - absolute genius! Once again, a great set list although I did notice a few songs seemed to have fallen by the wayside...The Crush of Love, pity cos I was looking forward to that one!! Wormhole Wizards went missing too but Joe added plenty of innovation to other tracks that more than made up for it. Joe absolutely nailed every note tonight and had everybody in complete awe from start to finish and the sound in Rockstar Live was truly excellent! Well done to Allen Whitman too for doing his best to whip the crowd into a frenzy! Personal favourites of the night were Why, Flying in a blue dream, God is Crying but to be honest, every song was just amazing. You really have to admiire the catalogue of classics that Joe has to his name now. Biggest disappointment is that the tour's over & we won't see Joe in these parts for a while!!

Vine de Dublin para ver este show y puedo decir sin duda que mereció la pena. Joe fue alucinante. Había visto el primer show en Dublin pero anoche en Bilbao se le notaba al grupo que llevan cinco semanas juntos, se entendieron a la perfección. Siempre me pregunto como diablos lo hace Joe y la verdad es que salí del concierto casi sin poder creer su genio puro. Una vez mas, muy buen set de canciones, pena que no tocó The Crush of Love, favorito mio, tampoco tocó Wormhole Wizards pero tuvo mucha inovacion en otras canciones que gustó mucho tambien. Joe tocó a la perfección esta noche y la gente (un lleno absoluto!) alucinaba con su increible talento. Por cierto, el sonido en el Rockstar Live era muy muy bueno. Allen Whitman hizo lo que pudo para animar a la qente, pero la verdad es que no hizo mucha falta - muy buen ambiente había. Personalmente me gustó mucho Why, tambien Flying in a blue dream & God is Crying pero la verdad es que todas las canciones fueron increibles. Hay que admirar el catalogo de clasicos que Joe tiene ahora en su nombre. Y lo mas decepcionante? Que el tour se ha acabado y no le vamos a ver a Joe por estos partes por un tiempo!!