show review
(Mike Lopulalan)
Mon Nov 01 '10
Dommelsch Zaal
Tilburg, , NL
Rank: 8 Posted: Tue Nov 02, '10 9:36 am

Great show!

A lot of old songs, maybe not enough new material. Also, the keyboards are back!

yoy54 Mon Nov 01 '10
Dommelsch Zaal
Tilburg, , NL
Rank: 10 Posted: Tue Nov 02, '10 4:01 am
Great show! 2hs 15min approx of great songs. Nice to see in the setlist songs like Horde of Locusts, Memories, Why, Crystal Planet, War, Big Bad Moon as well as newer ones as Revelation, Crowd Chant (people like the chanting bit...), Andalusia and a few from the latest CD. Always happy to hear classics as Ice 9, AWMAWY, Satch Boogie, Flying in a Blue Dream and glad that the end was with Summer Song and not with Surfing with the Alien (which is also great anyways!). The support act, Ned Evett, was very good too. He plays fretless guitars and they even throw in a great drum solo!, their whole performance takes 30min. Joe played mainly his new JS2400 in white and the JS2400 prototype (salmon) too. For a few songs he uses the red JS1200 with the sustainiac in the neck and the new JS acoustic for the Andalusia intro. The skyblue JS with singlecoils stayed in the rack on the side unfortunately. Amazing show, as always with Joe and the band! The one in Amsterdam was also good.