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Sat Oct 30 '10
Cirque Royal
Brussels, , BE
Rank: 9 Posted: Sun Oct 31, '10 4:18 am

I loved the opening act with the afro-hairstyle. Who were they?

The opening act played about a half hour, and Satriani played two hours and ten minutes. Well worth the price!! Satriani didn't need more than four bars of Ice 9 to took us all in!

Satriani played many classics, such as: "The Mystical Patato Head Groove Thing", "Flying in a blue dream", Always with you, Always with me", "war", "Crystal Planet", "Big bad moon" and "summer song".

Personal, I missed "surfing with the alien", "the extremist" and "why", but this didn't bother me that much, because the set list was absolute fantastic. :)

I payed for one of the best seats in the concert hall, and sat five to seven meter far away from Satriani, at the same height. Love it! :) However, probably because I sat at the sight of the hall, I didn't experience the best possible mix. This prevents me for giving this concert a ten. However, if the mix was perfect, I would have given a ten!

I will never forget the ending: STANDING OVATION!! And I was the first in side zone who stood in that ovation. :) The crowd was screaming like football fans when their favorite club scores a veeeeeery looooooooong goal. Best moment of the night. :) Even I was screaming. And that's really exceptional for me. :)