show review
Robin Petrucci
(Robin Petrucci)
Sat Oct 23 '10
Birmingham Symphony Hall
Birmingham, England, GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Sat Oct 30, '10 3:59 pm

Ok, 7th, or is it 8th, time of seeing Joe. To be honest, I was stood there having a bit of a moan to myself about how; Joe hasn't relaesed a great album in 6 years. (bit like AC/DC who haven't released a half decent studio album in exactly 30 years). Too many new songs and not enough energy. A Satch show isn't quite, quite, quite, quite, quite the same without Stu Hamm,

And then, as we were watching from near enough the middle of the 3rd row, the man stepped forward and launched into Always with....... and he made everything alright again for me. Quite simply the most beautiful piece of music ever written for the guitar, Played by, quite simply, the greatest guitarist ever to pick up a guitar.

Truth is, that Joe is the man and I would happily pay good money to watch him play that one song, every night, for the rest of time.

Was it me, it did he not play Summer Song? Another "No stairway" moment.

Irrespective of the the set list not being completely what I wanted, you just watch the man at work and wonder at his genius.

Would I pay to watch this same show again? You bet.

Joe, am not sure about the shoes, but am sure that Simon McBride was a revelation.

All in all, a good night out and great gig? As always, YES.

Just have to put up with another 2 year wait until we get to do it again.

Thnaks Satch. You were, are and always will be, THE MAN.

(Nick Peutherer)
Sat Oct 23 '10
Birmingham Symphony Hall
Birmingham, England, GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Thu Oct 28, '10 8:04 am


I know its cliche but this really was. Let me explain.

For the UK tour he did for 2006s release of SC and 2008's release of PSATMOR i got platinum tickets, got to meet him and had front row seats. This time i couldnt afford it so just had a ticket 5 rows back from the front without the meet'n'greet.

Because of this i was depressed going up there thinking about the lucky sods getting to pick his brain and listen to the words and avice of a GENIUS.

A mate of mine went to the earlier show in London and told me the support act Simon McBride was pretty bad. This was the first pleasant suprise - even though he had the strangest hair, the boy could play and was kicking out some immense classic rock licks to warm me up for thr MAIN EVENT.

When satch came out the atmosphere instantly went crazy - more crazy than usual and he seemed to pick up on this.

The set list was INCREDIBLE! I was getting a little tired of hearing the new songs mixed with the same (all be it immense) classics. This time, for the classic oldies he played some tunes that he hasnt played for years!! "WHY", "MEMORIES", "HORDES OF LOCUSTS" stood out as the ones that sent the hairs on the back of my neck crazy!

His new album really is great too - I dont know whether it was the awful thing that happened to Satch at the tail end of last year (Thoughts are with him and family) but the soul and emotive choruses he injected into this batch of satch are incredible. The most noticeable addition is the strong presence of the keyboard which adds texture and depth to his already incredible compositions (the pianist at the gig blew me away!)

A highlight for me was Mytical potato head as it is a song that i see him play every time i see him and each time it doesnt really do much for me but this time for some reason I had the biggest grin on my face throughout it and ti was just so immense.

This really is the worst review of all time as i havent really explained why it was the best gig ever!!! haha. But i guess thats what made it great - for some totally unknown reason it was a totally incredible experience - more so than every other time. Never have i heard so much joy, sadness, compassion and QUALITY than in Birmingham last Saturday, It cuts me up to think i wont be seeing him again for a while. haha

4 words by the way - Wind in the Trees!!!!!!


rachiieb Sat Oct 23 '10
Birmingham Symphony Hall
Birmingham, England, GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Tue Oct 26, '10 11:46 am
Saturday was amazing! This was the first time I had ever been to a concert and I loved it! The atmosephere was electric and the music was the same. I've only been a fan of Joes for a short time so sadly I haven't been to any of his concerts before, but I will hopefully be going again when he returns to the UK. My favourite song of the night was "Crowd Chant" although my favourite song at the moment is "Littleworth Lane". All in all the concert was fantastic and I really enjoyed myself. Can't wait for next year!

(Derek Chester)
Sat Oct 23 '10
Birmingham Symphony Hall
Birmingham, England, GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Mon Oct 25, '10 6:57 am

Just had to compile a brief review of last night’s performance at the Symphony Hall. Joe and the band were absolutely awesome! The entire experience was just out of this world. It was great to hear the new material from BSAWW and it sounded absolutely brilliant live but it was also really good to hear some of the older songs too. We thought that there was not one single poor performance all evening but particular favourites included Hordes of Locusts (terrific live), Flying in a Blue Dream (as ever), War (brilliant), Revelation (personal favourite), Andalusia (great to hear the acoustic guitar), Wind in the Trees, God is Crying, Wormhole Wizards, Big Bad Moon and of course the totally mind-blowing finale Surfing with the Alien. We have seen Joe many many times (lost count to be honest) and this performance in our view rates as one of the best ever. The rest of the band was also on fire and as ever a special mention for Jeff. The sound quality was great and the light show just fantastic. Hope to see you again soon Joe and next time we will definitely do a repeat of the “meet and greet” – just short of £ at present. Thanks to Joe and the band for a great night and the very best of luck with the rest of the tour. P.S. Sorry but almost forget to mention……..Simon McBride was also great!

Derek & David

(Vivienne Cross)
Sat Oct 23 '10
Birmingham Symphony Hall
Birmingham, England, GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Sun Oct 24, '10 12:21 pm
Awsome, Joe at his stormin' best, have been a fan for many years but this was by far the best I've ever heard him play. First time I have seen and heard Allen Whitman, a truly great bass player.

(Robert Allpress)
Sat Oct 23 '10
Birmingham Symphony Hall
Birmingham, England, GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Sun Oct 24, '10 10:41 am

Saw Joe in Birmingham last night - simply awesome!

Even sat in the top tier at the back, Joe could have easily been next to me. What a great set list, awesome sound. Just a shame we probably have to wait another 2 years to see him over here again.

I'll just have to get a friend to kick his butt and get him back sooner!!! 3 weeks today I'm at a masterclass with Mr Vai!. Vai and Satch in the space of 3 weeks!!!!

Do I ever use the word "awesome"!!! In the words of The Beatles.... GET BACK JOE.... yep, get back here soon, dont make us wait too long!!

Sat Oct 23 '10
Birmingham Symphony Hall
Birmingham, England, GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Sun Oct 24, '10 8:40 am
Last night's show in Birmingham was my 17th Satch show since 1990 (18 if you count Chickenfoot!) and he was just simply AWESOME! The song selection was superb and the new songs sounded excellent, although perhaps there were too many of them played together near the end of the main set, just a very minor quibble. The band was amazing as ever, shame Mike Keneally couldn't make it but Jem Godfrey did a fine job on keyboards, they really add something to the overall sound. Jeff was fantastic as always and Galen is really a major part of the band now, he even managed to encourage everyone to get on their feet for Big Bad Moon (great to see that one back in the set). Allen Whitman was very larger than life on very heavy bass as well. Overall it was an extremely enjoyable show as always, having seen the setlist for the first show in Dublin I was a bit disappointed that they didn't play 'The Crush Of Love' but that was more than made up for by 'Surfing With The Alien' as the final song instead of 'Summer Song', I love that one too but 'Surfing' is just the quintessential Satch song and should absolutely be played at every single show without fail as it is just jaw-dropping every time! Thanks Joe for yet another amazing UK tour!!

(Gary Sims)
Sat Oct 23 '10
Birmingham Symphony Hall
Birmingham, England, GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Sun Oct 24, '10 4:51 am

Joe, yet another blistering show!!!


Got to be the best tour yet? Biggest show and now with added keyboards – excellent.

Good selection of classics and new tracks – look forward to the next tour!!

Cheers, Gazzer.

Sat Oct 23 '10
Birmingham Symphony Hall
Birmingham, England, GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Sun Oct 24, '10 3:36 am

Went to Bristol concert and was very pleased with song selection. Wonderful drawl through back catalogue only fault was bass drum was way too loud.

BIrmingham....Well the drum was toned down and the band was really giving it some.

I have in 9 of Joes concerts never heard him play like that, he was on fire and seemed to know it. WHAT A SHOW

Thanks to all involved, including Simon McBride and his band (go see himif you can)

Come again soon