show review
(Rob Allen)
Thu Oct 21 '10
Newcastle City Hall
Newcastle, England, GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Thu Oct 28, '10 6:49 am

Amazing gig - although I've come to expect nothing less in the 8 times I've seen you live!

Got to agree with the comments above and add my own thoughts, WHAT WAS WITH THE CROWD?? Joe put in 110% as always and no matter what, 99% of the audience really didn't seem to truly get into it. Well, I for one, DID!!

The older material blew me away - War, which is one of my all time favourite JS tunes punched so hard it made my eyes water!! Plus, what a delight to hear Hordes of Locusts live after so long!!

The new material rocked... no doubt about it! This has to be my favourite of your last 4 albums!

Crystal Planet was also a stonker! The only downside for me with that song is that my wife, who is epileptic had to cover her eyes in light of the amount of strobe effects (tut, tut Newcastle City Hall, where were the warning signs?!) but once I knew she was ok, it really got me going!!

I think I was sat in the midst of the hardened Satch fans as I heard a lot of grumbles about the lack of crowd activity.

Roll on your next visit Joe - can't come soon enough!!

(chris ashworth)
Thu Oct 21 '10
Newcastle City Hall
Newcastle, England, GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Fri Oct 22, '10 11:33 am

Superb show last night at Newcastle Joe. Have been to all your gigs at Newcastle since the Extremist tour and this one is definitely up there with the best of them. Everything you played from the new album sounded fantastic but the older material , well what can I say , WOW!! . War kicked it off for me, absolutely stunning.

Good move (in my opinion) changing Summer Song for Surfing with the Alien, you nailed that 110%, just a shame that was the end of the show.

Only one downside for me (just a personal thing), but I am used to standing from the minute you walk on stage, gets the place jumpin from the off but it didn`t happen last night. I`m not sure if it was down to a new breed of JS fans and didn`t know how to react , but I was about ready to go tell everyone to stand and show some bloody respect LOL

Hurry back to Newcastle!