show review
(Mark Thomas)
Mon Sep 21 '09
Nokia Theatre
Grand Prarie, TX, US
Rank: 5 Posted: Tue Sep 22, '09 11:04 am
Call me a contrarian and flame me but I'm just a die-hard Satch fan and not into Chickenfoot try as I might. It doesn't inspire me. Of course, the old drunk in front of me with his yound sexy thing loved it all as he sloshed all around. Hagar chatted or perhaps bragged about never playing Nokia and saw Joe's pic backstage...that got me dreaming of the "future in the past" wishing I watching Super Colossal at Nokia again or 2007 G3 in Phoenix or Satchafunkalis last year. Talk about inspiring I still get goosebumps listening to those cds. They deserve Grammys, Joe's solo work is way ahead of our time. So many great tunes I love that he hasn't even played in concert or only on one tour. Hagar refers to Chickenfoot as the new Zep...I wish. I can still enjoy the opening chords of Good Times Bad Times from 40 years ago. By the end of the show I was actually glad Joe didn't say a word when Hagar came up to him with the mic time after time...the lyrics and stage banter were so cock rock cliche that even Joe's riffs and licks sounded that way to me. The encore jam with Hagar was lame when remembering the awesome jams of past with Eric Johnson and Andy Timmons, Petrucci and Gilbert, and Leslie West. Okay...sorry folks but that's my honest feeling of the I'll go back to daydreaming of a 3 hour Evening With Joe :-D