show review
(Freddy Garza)
Sat Sep 05 '09
Harveys Resort Hotel and Casino
Lake Tahoe, NV, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Tue Sep 15, '09 6:45 pm

Good people, good weather, the music was incredible. Satch speaking I attended the show specifically to see one Joe again and I was thoroughly impressed. Satch Nuggets were everywhere. Listening to it at home pale in comparison to seeing it done live.

For the Sammy fans that were not sure of Joe's talent I think they were thoroughly surprised and impressed. I still beleive as I did the the first time I listened to the CD that Joe was/ is the source that keeps this monster killing.

Joe your talent displayed this Saturday night made the long trip worth it, and I would do it again.

Standing in line with Austin L., Brian and Debbie, Tracie and Chris of course made it bearable to wait all day long.

I'm over missing walking into Joe when he walked in for sound check. I waited five minutes or so to go to the bathroom and that is when you walked in. I went five minutes later and saw Sammy walking out with his entourage. Bittersweet I suppose, maybe next time.

A Portland show would of been nice.