show review
FlyGirl Sun Aug 23 '09
Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom
Hampton Beach, NH, US
Rank: 7 Posted: Tue Sep 01, '09 4:36 pm
OMG, it was fricken HOT in here. Not as bad as the Middle East, but I was sweatin my *** off. Chad hit Joe in the back of the head with a drum stick. The way he whips those things to the crowd, I'm sure it HAD to hurt. Joe continued to play, then on a break, he went back to put a towel on his head. Yikes. You could tell Chad felt bad b/c he kept looking at Joe. Then when the song was over, he went right over to Joe to apologize. Oops. I heard they were supposed to film for an upcoming dvd here, but they didn't. I was SO bummed. Wonder why? They ended up filming in Atlanta. All I can say is, they'd better not have people in the video singing and not knowing the words. WTF? BIg pet peeve. If you're going to film your fans, keep the ones who are REAL fans and know the damn words. Movin on... The Casino had been updated/re-done since the last time I was there, but the crew said there was no backstage, which made it tough on the band, I guess. They left directly after the show.

Don1963 Sun Aug 23 '09
Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom
Hampton Beach, NH, US
Rank: Posted: Tue Aug 25, '09 7:52 pm

Chickenfoot Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom

Incredible, holy f*n sh**, Unbelievable, totally off the hook, another one of the best shows ever, just a few of the adjectives used when describing Chickenfoot! No matter what words you can come up with, you can apply them to this band. It's more than a concert, a show or entertainment; itís a "VIBE" that really can't be described!

The place was HOT AS HELL! It reminded me of the Cambridge, MA. show at the Middle East. This venue was a lot bigger but they still packed em in! Once again doing line time for about 8 hours paid off as we were front and center for the festivities. Davey Knowels opened up and did a pretty good job of getting the crowd into the groove. Chickenfoot opened with Avenida Revolution and just blew through the album in what seemed like no time. They all were (incredible) or insert any of the above adjectives! Joe burnt up the frets as always, Sam singing loud and strong, Mikey lay down the rhythm with rock solid bass and Chad pounding the crap out of his kit.

My wife came up with a great idea that got a good chuckle from the band. She put a toothbrush, soap and a comb on a rope and threw it up to Mikey! He then picked it up put it on and starting walking around with it. Then he showed Sammy and Sammy combed his hair, brushed his teeth, then him and Mikey pretended to use the soap! Then Sammy showed Chad and he cracked up. We got the necklace back too! It was great! The mrs. got a few smiles and winks from Chad. I'm pretty sure he actually remembered us. During My Kind of Girl Sammy looked at Darl and sang together for a little bit. At the end of the show we held up a poster of the picture we took of Chad in Cambridge with his pants down. Sammy grabs it and opens it on stage and goes up to Joe shows him, Joe cracks up, then goes over to Mikey and he cracks up then they all laugh as Chad recognizes the pic. Then Chad pulls his pants down again to show the identical tat on the other leg!!!! Again he was going commando! After all this was over before they left Chad came over and after fighting off the rest of the hands around us, handed Darlene his wrist sweatband. That was the one sucky thing about this show. The people on one side of us sucked! Besides try to grab the wristband one guy tried to steal my wifeís soap on a rope when Mikey tried to give it back to her. I ended that attempt pretty quick.

Oh yeah, one other thing happened. This was the show that my wife originally won the backstage meet & greet with Joe. Unfortunately the band split right after the show so we didn't get to meet him. Fortunately the fantastic organization that these guys have took care of us for the next night in Boston, more on that later. Gotta go for now and enjoy the rest of our 19th anniversary post Boston tomorrow with all the pics!