show review
FlyGirl Thu Aug 20 '09
Mohegan Sun Arena
Uncasville, CT, US
Rank: 7 Posted: Tue Sep 01, '09 4:31 pm
Not bad, but not my fav. Are these guys getting tired of the same ol thing night after night?

Don1963 Thu Aug 20 '09
Mohegan Sun Arena
Uncasville, CT, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Fri Aug 21, '09 2:19 pm

Review for Mohegan Sun, Connecticut.

Well first off it was great to see all the Chickenfoot soldiers out in force. me and the mrs. met up with all the peeps we see at all the CF and Sammy shows and had a great time hanging out!

the band was AWESOME as usual. these guys just rocked the house. i just can't say it enough, great music, great shows, great personalities, the talent just ooozzes out of these guys. they didn't play Running Out but everything else was played along with Bad Motor Scooter and Highway Star. i love the way they keep adding new stuff to the set, even with a limited number of songs they keep changing things up and putting in little bits of new stuff. at the end of a few songs they put in some Zep, Hendrix and a couple other songs that are lost in the post show haze from lack of sleep and a half bottle of Cabo Reposado!

our seats weren't that great we were in the lower arena on Mikey's side about 10 rows up. the crowd wasn't a sell out, alot of upper arena seats were empty but those that were there were LOUD! not a lot of movement, it seemed like only the floor and a few peeps right around us were really rockin out, the rest sat most of the show. i really don't know how you can listen to these guys and sit but....... we were definately rockin. a guy next to us even said after the show that it was cool sitting with people who rocked, he got into it more cause we were going so strong!

to anyone who thinks Joe should go back to just doing his solo stuff i say "go see a live show then say that". these guys are having the time of their lives! they are living the dream they all had growing up and getting into the business. to play the music they want to play with a bunch of guys they really enjoy being around, it doesn't get better than that. the affection they show towards each other is genuine and contagious. the way they treat their fans is awesome. i'm not saying give up the other gigs they all do but hell to let this much fun just fade away would be a tremendous loss to us all. anything else i would add would just be repeating what everyone already knows, CHICKENFOOT KICKS ASS!!!!!

oh yeah one more thing. before the show we were hanging out chatting to the local rock station crew doing the show, WCCC 106.9 The Rock. just the normal conversation talking about everything CF of course. about an hour before the show my wife stepped away from me to chat with one of the many fans we knew when the promo guy pulls me aside and starts asking me a few questions about how much we love CF. then he tells me that i can't tell anyone else but if we stick around another half hour he was taking us BACKSTAGE TO MEET THE BAND!!!! he then told me if i told ANYONE he wouldn't let us go. he didn't even want me to tell my wife! i told him i had to tell her, but no one else would hear a peep. then we went and hung out backstage awhile so the other groups could do their thing. a little while later it happened! Sammy headed straight to my wife for a hug and asked her if she was the one who left her panties in his dressing room, joking of course. then Joe said where's my hug, which my wife happily gave. then it was hugs and hand shakes all around as we joked and chatted before the guy came to take the pictures. the pics are at the CF site under

my wife is hugging Chad and i'm next to Sammy in back of Mikey. well thats about it for now, until sunday night when we get to meet JOE again in NH, then get to see another show in Boston on monday!!