show review
Brucinius Fri Aug 07 '09
Chicago Theatre
Chicago, IL, US
Rank: 8 Posted: Sat Aug 08, '09 6:40 pm

A great show at the Chicago Theater (my first time at the venue). I've been to 5-6 Satch shows, and this was my first time at a non GA show, so I sat in the balcony. Even though I was in the front of the balcony, and had a great view, I didin't feel the vibe I've had at previous shows being in the crowd on the floor.

I love the Chickenfoot album, but not every song is great. So I was very surprised that the set list was practically identical to their previous road test shows, the entire album plus the same encore. I was also stunned that they didn't tap into any Satch, VH, or RHCP material. How about a two-minute Joe solo from a crowd favorite, not too much to ask. I think they played a Sammy song in the encore, wasn't familiar with it, though.

That being said, the music that was played was incredible, great energy from the band, they really sound great together, and I can't believe all that Sammy can do at his age--new respect for him. So overall the show is an 8; the 10 will always be the first G3 show with Vai and Johnson at the Aragon (horrible location, great CD!).