show review
FlyGirl Fri May 29 '09
Philadelphia, PA, US
Rank: 9 Posted:
Tue Sep 01 '09
4:22 pm
GREAT show! The boys sounded AWESOME and were FULL of energy!!

(Albert Heefner)
Fri May 29 '09
Philadelphia, PA, US
Rank: 10 Posted:
Mon Jun 01 '09
3:45 am
This being my 14th time seeing Joe live, it was yet another amazing experience. The quality of musicianship was incredible for this being so 'new'. I have to say the hype about Chickenfoot is the real deal. It did not matter that I had not heard the entire album prior to the show. All of the songs sounded great, and Sammy’s vocals are still inspiring. Some singers lose their vocal edge, but that is not the case with Sammy. Chad’s drumming skills were much more powerful than I had thought they would be, emphasizing the tight synergy this band has. Michael’s background vocals were just more icing on the cake. I honestly would not have changed a thing about this show, except of course to make it longer. I think there should now be an official “stick holder” for Chad at every show from here on out. Can you guys make that happen? I hope that all of the Satch fans can make it out to see this show. If the official tour increases the set lists, maybe we can see the band do a song from each of the member’s back ground be included. Closing out, it was still the best seeing Joe play live. I look forward to many more shows such as this.