show review
(Joe Axeshredder)
Thu May 28 '09
The Fillmore NY @ Irving Plaza
New York, NY, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Fri Jun 05, '09 9:54 am

Truly the most Amazing Rock show ive ever been to! Luckily i was the second person to enter the Venue, MariMariSRV was the first (ladies As expected Joe was on top of his game , precision playing and great melodic solos. The band seem to be having the time of their life by seeing the consistent smiles being projected across the stage. The band was as tight as Chad's snare drum. Everyone except Joe were really interacting with the audience, understandably as Joes job does require the most precision and attention (we appreciate that Joe). I wont go into much more detail as the shows have been consistant and all reviews seem to be similiar. Joes mom was attending and though Joe asked Sammy to keep to know he had to intentionally slip...thats Rock n The crowds reaction to every song clearly shows this bands bright future!

I recieved one of the many Chad Signature Drum Sticks as so did most around me...that guy is Also as VIP, I recieved the Chickenfoot 8ball, cool, and the VIP shirt which was pre-distressed (cooLer), Autographed poster numbered 412 of 500, and the announcement of the next show in NY and sale date..yes in 3 months ill be doing it again...but i doubt it could be better than this show was.

Thanks Chickenfoot for bringing your best to was noticed and appreciated.

Heres a few of many pics i took that are awwwweesome

Picture Montage Video

and the video of Oh Yeah!