show review
FlyGirl Mon Jun 29 '09
Paris, , FR
Rank: 8 Posted: Tue Sep 01, '09 4:22 pm
We made the trek across the globe. I was so very excited to meet fans in person whom I'd only chatted with online. I was pleasantly surprised to see how the fans there only cared about Joe! (In the states it's all Sam, for the most part!) It was incredible. They adored him and I loved hearing there stories and watching their faces as he performed in the small venue, right in front of them. I was next to some 18 y/o boys..they made me laugh, they were SO SO into it. We were in front of Mikey and the boys had their heads turned towards Joe the entire time! In the end, when Joe came by with his camcorder, they went ape-sh*t! It was awesome!

lulabell Mon Jun 29 '09
Paris, , FR
Rank: Posted: Wed Jul 01, '09 2:20 am

Hey Guys

We came from Bristol UK to see you in Paris! ; we had already bought tickets to see Jeff Beck when you were in London so couldn't see you then. It was worth every to experience you in Olympia what a great venue The atmosphere was electric One of the best gigs of my life You rocked!!!! xXXx

el lolo
Mon Jun 29 '09
Paris, , FR
Rank: 10 Posted: Tue Jun 30, '09 12:07 pm


How great to enjoy such an incredible energy and fantastic sound ! The whole band enjoys performing together and the audience can REALLY feel that !

So, thank you guys for this outstanding stage ! With so much fun too ! Pleaaaase come back soon and... Hey! Sammy and Michael ! You are right, men: french wine is fabulous, so forget about beer or tequila when in Paris (even though it is Cabo Wabo brand...), just bring a barrel and a few bottles of Burgundy on stage ;-)

Joe, Chad, Michael, Sammy >>>>>>>>>>>> You ROCK, men !!!!!!!!!

Chad, so sorry to hear that you hurt your arm during the show, hope you will recover soon.