show review
(Michael Greaves)
Thu Jun 25 '09
Shepherd's Bush Empire
London, , GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Thu Jul 02, '09 9:27 am

Totally awesome! I felt almost as sorry for the people missing out on the madrid gig, as I do for Chad!

I got the last, black, T-shirt, from off the wall!

I can't wait to go again!

(doug vogel)
Thu Jun 25 '09
Shepherd's Bush Empire
London, , GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Wed Jul 01, '09 12:29 pm
i cant believe how much better i think this show was over the chicago show, the band has really gelled, and the crowd was nuts, best show ive seem this year. it is the summer of chickenfoot. only dissapointmenet was no my kind of girl. but bad motor scooter kicks major ass

(chris woodland)
Thu Jun 25 '09
Shepherd's Bush Empire
London, , GB
Rank: 9 Posted: Mon Jun 29, '09 2:00 am
Im going to keep this short and sweet as i could write pages and pages about the brilliance of the night.
my three highlights were
1, seeing joe in a band: it was interesting and inspiring to see the way joe interacted with the band and went about his guitar playing.
2. discovering a new nickname for sammy hagar "samster" :D
3. the insane world that is Chad smith. falling off the kit prompting three stressed out roadies to rush to his aid and put the thing back together and then throwing a tom over his head knocking the glasses of a poor unsuspecting Hagar!
only reason i give this is a 9 is due to my own cheapness in buying level three tickets! sound up there wasn't great but hey thats my fault! just a FYI for the next time anyone is at the empire, pay the extra 10 for level 2!!!!!
one downer on the night was coming out the gig to find out about MIchael Jackson. dont care what people say about the guy, he was a musical genius and the world is less for his death.

ZenMan1 Thu Jun 25 '09
Shepherd's Bush Empire
London, , GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Fri Jun 26, '09 4:49 am

Tickets were like GoldDust around the venue, SKIN were a surprizing bonus as the gig was billed without support when i bought the tickets, they played a nice acoustic set and a nice warm up for THE FOOT who came on around 9.

They played pretty much the whole of the album in order with a few additional jams thrown in.

First time i'd seen Sammy in a small venue and can see why the guy is so popular, excellent crowd interaction and really looked to be enjoying himself.

Loved Micheal's Flame Bass and the JD bass, sweet!!

Joe was excellent as usuall and nice to see him in an environment where there's less pressure on him as the main attraction, he still delivers even if he was on drums, which we know you can do too joe!! haha,

Chad just cracked me up, he is completely NUTS!! Falling off the kit and kicking it down at the end, But when he threw the drum up in the air and nearly K.O'd Sammy, nearly pissed myself luaghing at him,not nearly killing sammy that is, CHAD, Your'e a Nutter!!! LOVED IT!!!

Looking forward to seeing em when they come back!!