show review
(Ariel Merla)
Tue Nov 04 '08
House of Blues
Houston, TX, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Wed Nov 05, '08 9:06 am

Satch dared to congratulate Obama on this red state.... woohoo....



Hey, we were at the concert and Satriani announced that Democrats had won after the band went backstage for a 2 or 3 min break and supposedly they heard on the news, I was waiting till the end of the concert to go out and hear the news but Satch gave them up ..... So, I first heard from Satch.

(Robert Guinn)
Tue Nov 04 '08
House of Blues
Houston, TX, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Wed Nov 05, '08 8:02 am

First off I have seen Joe several times and I must say this show had probably the best sound of any venue.

Leslie and the guys opened for him and did a great job. Great sound, heavy riffs, that got you moving. Their Bob Dylan cover was great and Mississippi rocked.

Joe came out blazing. He had a some gear problems a few songs in and was put to a halt for about 3 minutes or so but Mike fixed it. Joe said he thought it was the selector switch. Joe, the band, and the crowd were totally feeling the music. He was flawless. Everyone was clapping and singing (yelling in tone) LOL, and the venue just had a great vibe. Stu did his solo like always and nailed it. Theres more but you have the gyst. Joe always rocks. A Definate 10!

P.S. If your going to a show at the House of Blues here are 2 pieces of advice...

1. Eat before you go in the venue either at the restaurant or somewhere else unless you want to pay $5 for a tiny slice of pizza that looks like it was microwaved (We were runing late and couldn't stop)

2. If you are beer drinker, bring a ton of cash cause a can or bottle is $7.. Yeah..