show review
(craig wolf)
Sun Oct 12 '08
Center for the Arts
Buffalo, NY, US
Rank: 10 Posted:
Thu Oct 16 '08
6:22 am
Awesome show as always! I enjoyed Mountain a lot, not a shred fest but a good balance to a exellent evening. I have had the good fortune to actually book 2 shows with Joe! We did an evening with Joe Satriani in 2004 in Columbus Ohio, and 2006 in Detroit. Having said that, I used the connection and had after show meet and greets for this show. It was real cool, only 2 other people were there and Joe spent about 10 minuets chatting with me and my girlfriend. We talked about Frank Zappa, and what Steve Vai will be doing in 2009 when he once again goes out on the G3 trail again. From what he was saying, there may be some kind of tour wirh Sammy Hagar so watch out for that. Well I hope you all make it to at least one show on this tour, you will not be disappointed. If anyone is interested, I am selling 2 signed guitars! One is from G3 2001 and is signed by everyone on the tour. The other is G3 2007 and is signed by everyone on the tour, both are awesome guitars and look Killer. email me at Our website is there you can see the shows I have done on the past shows link at the bottom of my page. Peace

(Jon Einarsson)
Sun Oct 12 '08
Center for the Arts
Buffalo, NY, US
Rank: 9 Posted:
Mon Oct 13 '08
8:00 am

First time seeing him in 8 years...different show than last time. Joe is a true master musician...ever evolving and taking the electric guitar to new unexplored levels.

Mountain opening was decent..I dont know them well, but the Nantucket Slieghride was awesome.

Joe's set opened with I Wanna Rock...awesome Framptone work...I never saw it before...sweet opening. Some of the older stuff...which I personnaly prefer followed. (I been a fan since 1988) He mixed in an assortment of new material as well. Maybe the newer stuff is a bit odd and futuristic, maybe I am too old. Either way...awesome work.

I didnt find the lighting too good at times...maybe it was the venue, I dunno.

Spoiler*** The encore was AWESOME...Leslie West and Joe were tight and Joe the consumate professional showed much respect. I have new found respect for Leslie West. What a great show.