show review
SInCItyRT Mon Nov 10 '08
House Of Blues
Las Vegas, NV, US
Rank: 9 Posted: Tue Nov 11, '08 5:04 pm
I have now seen Joe the last four times he has passed through Las Vegas, and I appreciate how each time has been a little bit different. I liked the enhanced light show, but felt that the background display was under-utilized and too low-res. Before the show I didn't know what to think about Mountain as an opener after previously seeing Eric Johnson and Gilbert/Petrucci leading off, but I was pleasantly surprised - they played extremely well and were also very entertaining. As always, Joe was spectacular. Someday I hope I will be able to hear Big Bad Moon or I Believe live - unfortunately the handful of vocal songs seem to be in rare rotation, I've only heard one (Strange). Thank you for putting on a great show Joe, myself and my friends will continue to show up as long as you continue touring.