show review
(David Johnson)
Sat Oct 04 '08
Edmonton Event Center
Edmonton, AB, CA
Rank: 10 Posted: Sun Oct 05, '08 9:38 am

Club Joe was OK - would have been incredible but the venue was too big so we couldn't hear 95% of what Joe was saying. Meeting the man was great, though! He signed my white JS1 and told me that the wood is different in these ogriginal guitars; these have Japanese basswood while the later models have basswood sourced from anywhere.

The show was phenominal! I was 2 meters from Joe for the whole concert; it was like he came to my house and was playing a concert just for me. The set list was a good mix of old and new. I've been a fan for 20 years and I like his new stuff the best! The performance was just incredible - Joe is the Yoda of the electric guitar.

Got some great pix of his gear including the pedals. He played the entire show through the Satchurator pedal and the clean channel on the JSX. There were two new VOX pedals on the board: a prototype WAH still looking very prototypish, and a green pedal that looks ready for production. The green one is called Time Machine and looks like a green version of the Satchurator with 4 chickenhead knobs. One is a multifunction control; my guess is this is a delay of some kind possibly with a reverse mode. He still had the DD3 on his board, and the Time Machine was in the effects loop just before the DD3. He also had a ZVEX Ringtone, which I think he used on the Ghost song.

Thanks to Joe for coming back to Edmonton!