show review
Rudee Fri Oct 03 '08
Jack Singer Concert Hall
Calgary, AB, CA
Rank: 8 Posted:
Sun Oct 05 '08
12:55 pm
I got there just before Joe started his set list, so unfortunately I wasn't able to hear Mountain play. Joe was his normal awesome self, as was Jeff and Galen. I'm not sure what Stu Hamm was thinking by playing the exact same Bass solo as he did in the Live in San Francisco DVD. And by exact, I mean facial gestures and all. It was identical in every way and lacked originality, so that was disappointing. Note to Stu: We have DVD players in Canada and have seen it before dude. Overall a good show, although the sound did sound rather Muddy. The jam Joe did with Leslie West at the end was fantastic.

kea69 Fri Oct 03 '08
Jack Singer Concert Hall
Calgary, AB, CA
Rank: 9 Posted:
Sat Oct 04 '08
8:48 pm
Awesome show! Mountain was a great choice for an opening band, for a band that I wasn't really familiar with, they really rocked the Jack Singer Concert Hall. Very impressed. Joe and the boys sounded very tight and seemed to be having just as much fun as the audience. Playing all the favorites (except Big Bad Moon!), Joe was hitting all the right notes as was Stu and Jeff. Stu got the audience going with his bass solo, but Jeff didn't get the same opportunity. Not sure why that was, would have loved to hear him bang away for awhile on his own. Amazing show! Just wish I had of went to Edmonton to see him again.