show review
(William Ghormley)
Thu Nov 06 '08
House of Blues
Dallas, TX, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Sat Feb 14, '09 1:33 am
I was at the meet and greet and it was small and very personal. I asked Joe when he will be coming to Alaska, the state Larger than Texas (lol...tough to be Num 2) he said that he needs to be invited by a radio station or a sponsor. I'm working on that. He signed my guitar that I play every day. I bugged him to draw something on the headstock, frontside, and he obliged. It's great to know he is such a down to earth guy.

I was front center stage throughout the show. It was great and very enlightening to see how songs were played live THAT close. How he changed solos and chords to 'fill' in the sound. The band was tight, and it inspired me to play. I was invited up on stage left, a friend 'won' the raffle to get up on stage for the encore, and he chose me. That was great. I was surprised at the lesser volume at the side of the stage, makes sense, because speakers are pointed outward. I was going to ask the guitar tech if I could keep a copy of the set list, but I wasn't going to disturb him, he was upset a lil at the equipment failure (looked like a plug on the board was loose, some gaffer's tape and it was fixed).

Leslie and his band was very entertaining. I would have loved to just hang out and listen to the stories...UFO is one of my all time faves, and to hear what those guys did...

Great show, will seriously consider flying thousands of miles again next year to see hear what boils out of his mind, what essence of music will he render from a lil bit of steel and wood. Rock on, let the chords come easy and the melody make a person pause...

kevmiller Thu Nov 06 '08
House of Blues
Dallas, TX, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Wed Nov 12, '08 2:34 pm
First off, if you have meet & greet passes for an upcoming show, you're in for the time of your life!! If you don't have a M&G pass, get one!! This is the way to go to experience Joe. Lindsey ( the M&G coordinator ) is very sweet & helpful. The folks that I shared this experience with are friends of mine now. When you meet Joe he is soft-spoken & kind. He answers your questions thoroughly. He is cheerful, signs autos, & takes photos with you. When I took my photo with Joe I asked him to pretend that he had known me all of his life. He said "Kevin, I have known you all of my life!!. What a rush!! The show was great!! I was front row right in front of Joe all night!! Stu threw a pick right to me. It was a dream come true and a night I won't soon forget. Don't miss Joe. He is a true rock legend, guitar master, & a super nice guy. CLUB JOE is the way to go!!!------------Kevin

novjul Thu Nov 06 '08
House of Blues
Dallas, TX, US
Rank: Posted: Sat Nov 08, '08 3:40 pm
First part of show (and all thoroughout, really) Joe seemed very relaxed and having a good time on stage. I had to leave during Stu's solo because I started feeling sick (not because I'd been drinking; in fact, once I sat for a time in the women's restroom, I realized I was THIRSTY; so I was actually suffering from dehydration; meantime, it sucked listening to piped-in Phil Collins, knowing JOE was out there on stage! argh! No Justice!) ~ spent my last $3 on a bottle of water, missed Anadalusia on night two (my one regret!) and spent the remainder of the show behind the sound board where I found an empty bar stool to ease my aching back (not as young as I used to be!) ~ no way to arrive earlier to get a seat, having driven back from Austin that morning and just barely recovered enough in time to arrive to see Mountain's first song. In all, a delight (as always) to see Joe play! FIABD pitch normalized much earlier in the song than the Austin show (what was up with that, anyway?!?!???) Always an honor to witness the live delivery of the music we love so much by the Artist, himself. Joe, may you keep on rockin for many years to come! ...peace...