show review
Thu Oct 23 '08
Warner Theatre
Washington, D.C., US
Rank: 10 Posted: Fri Oct 24, '08 8:22 pm

Wow, what an amazing show! Joe and the crew just blew me away! Mountain was actually better than I thought they would be, but Satch was ten times better. Loved the set list. Hearing Time Machine was awesome (don't expect to hear that one). One Big Rush and Ghost were also pleasant surprises. Stu's bass solo kicked major butt too. I'ma gonna have to side with the first dude... overall the crowd wasn't that into it. I felt kinda out of place jumping up and down for Crowd Chant. Oh well, I guess. But that aside, this show was so awesome!

Joe, you rock so hard! I love you, man!

guitarman8484 Thu Oct 23 '08
Warner Theatre
Washington, D.C., US
Rank: 10 Posted: Fri Oct 24, '08 12:46 pm

Last night was nothing short of incredible. My first Joe show since G3 '03 and this was even better.

I like a lot of Mountain's music but based on their live DVD from a few years ago and some reviews of them here I wasn't sure how much I was going to like them. I was really impressed though. Leslie West's vocals sound just as good as ever and was a pretty entertaining frontman.Corky Laing sure hits hard for an old guy, he really sent those sticks flying. Rev Jones was a good bass player but his stage presence was way too overdone, swinging the hawk and kicking his legs up all the time. Sound was also really good, probably a bit better then Joe's actually.

Joe took the stage at around 8:45 with I Just Wanna Rock and it didn't let up from there. 2 of the best hours of my life. Loved the set list, had never heard "Ghosts" before but it was absolutely awesome. Stu's solo was great too, I've heard him do a lot it on San Francisco countless times but it's still awesome. Loved the little Going to California bit. Jam with Leslie West was great too. Joe's tone has never sounded better, I think I need to get myself a Satchurator. I disagree with the previous reviewer, the crowd around me was pretty into it. I'd say it was standing half the time, sitting half the time. I didn't mind that though, I can't stand for two hours on a sloping floor. Sound could've been better, Joe was loud and clear but Jeff's bass drum was drowning out Galen completely. Stu could've been a bit louder too.

Overall an amazing show, can't wait for Joe to come back.

rokstr Thu Oct 23 '08
Warner Theatre
Washington, D.C., US
Rank: 9 Posted: Fri Oct 24, '08 6:02 am

I have to preface this by saying that I've seen Joe on every tour since Flying In A Blue Dream, including the G3 tours...

Last night at The Warner Theater Joe, Stu, and Jeff played better than I've ever seen them. The guys were absolutely amazing. The sound was awesome and Joe's new light show was very cool. I would give this show a 10 but for one thing...the crowd sucked. Seriously. I got tickets for my 9 year old son and I down in the 5th row and was ready to rock for his first rock concert...and the crowd SAT DOWN for almost the whole show...come on people, we're not seeing an orchestral concert or anything.

Joe, you are the amaze me every time I see you. Thank you for keeping up the level of musicianship and showmanship.