show review
Fri Oct 17 '08
Montreal, QC, CA
Rank: 8 Posted: Thu Nov 06, '08 1:06 pm

Amazing show satch!

Definitely a top notch performance, although i was shocked you didn't put the new ending on Always! Dude, you can't not play that part, its far too amazing!

Set list was great, kudos on the new songs, instant classics seein em live! Revelations people, best of the new crop for sure, make sure you dont pass it by!

Thanks again for a life changing experience! OH AND SIGNED POSTERS FOR SALE?


All the best from Ottawa, Ontario (come visit!! ~ National Art Centre would be oh so perfect for you)

Fri Oct 17 '08
Montreal, QC, CA
Rank: 10 Posted: Thu Oct 30, '08 3:19 pm

This was my first Satriani show. It was great. I attended the Meet and Great and loved the chance to meet Joe and find out what a nice down to earth guy he is. It was a gift for my boyfriend but truly turned out to be a gift for me...I was absolutely thrilled with the performance and Mountain was so entertaining as well.

I'm now a huge fan and understand the true talent Joe has...the music is absolutely hypnotic.

Thanks Sandra

Don't forget mick...we'd love to see you in Ottawa!

(Greg Celtorius)
Fri Oct 17 '08
Montreal, QC, CA
Rank: 9 Posted: Sat Oct 18, '08 6:25 am

Another great performance by Joe and his bandmates. Excellent venue for his performance as always!

I saw him at the same venue in the early 90's for 'Fylin In A Blue Dream'. Every time I see Joe, I never know if he gets any better...I don't think he can get ever get better than 'best'!

Thanks for coming to Montreal again Joe, even though the crowd was a little flat. We're all older now, give us a break!

You should all be quite proud of what you can deliver as premium musicians.

Stay smooth guys and see you next time!

Greg Montreal, Canada