show review
(Jose Martinez)
Fri Nov 07 '08
Plaza Theatre
El Paso, TX, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Mon Nov 10, '08 10:47 am
Never been inside the Plaza Theatre before, it is a very nice venue, it seemed a bit weird to see so many older people in dress slacks drinking wine and such, but I guess that's Mountain's crowd. Very first pleasant surprise was when I discovered that the venue map on Ticketmaster is way out of scale, what I thought was a 4th row seat on the left side of the stage turned out to be a 3rd row seat dead smack in the middle.

Mountain was a very nice surprise, their music was good, Corky had a show by himself, knocking off cymbals and sending several sticks to the crowd while giving fingers to people who asked him for sticks and making faces at Leslie while he talked. Good music and fun guys, very entertaining set.

Satch rocked hard, not having seen him in 6 years and not having heard any CD's since Strange Beautiful Music, it was very refreshing to see him play 7 songs I had never heard before, highlights for me were Ghosts, Time Machine and what I think was Overdriver.

Jam at the end was extremely good, in all it was a bit over 3 hours (7:30 - 10:40) of great musicianship. And afterwards I was able to get Stu, Jeff and Satch to sign the stuff they hadn't signed 8 years ago when they were here, had a nice small chat with Jeff and got a "promise" from him they won't take 8 more years to come back.

Satch Setlist (this needs help, if you know the name of the new songs let me know): I Just Wanna Rock - Overdriver? - Ice 9 - Satch Boogie - FIABD - Ghosts - New song (sounds a bit similar to Zombie by the Cranberries) - New Song (main lick descends from high notes to low) - One Big Rush - Cool # 9 (with extended bluesy intro) - Time Machine (with extended spacey intro) - Bass Solo (Goin' to California and his regular riff) - Andalucia - Always.. - Surfin.. ENCORE: Crowd Chant - Summer Song - Stormy Monday (Leslie West) - Goin Down (Leslie West).

TYSTYX Fri Nov 07 '08
Plaza Theatre
El Paso, TX, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Sat Nov 08, '08 5:41 pm
Awesome show !! First time Ive been to the Plaza Theatre here in EL Paso. Nice place for a Satch concert plus we had great seats up front. Joe kicked ass as usual....but I really wanted to hear "Diddle-Y-A-Do-Dat". The crowd got into both "I Just Wanna Rock" and "Crowd Chant". Stu's bass solo was almost the same as the last time he toured with Joe. I love it when everyone yells STUUUUUUUUU and first timers think he's being booed...but I think they finally catch on. It was nice to see Gaylen moving around stage more. The first two times I saw him he basically just stayed on his side of the stage and didnt move much. Not this time !!! He was all over the place and sometimes standing up on Jeffs drum platform. He also has more attitude when playing which really made the show a hell of a lot better. Although I didnt care for Mountain too much it was good to see Satch and Leslie West jam together for the encore. This was the third Satch concert Ive been to and I am already looking forward to the next. Rock on Joe !!!!!!!