show review
rsanto Wed Oct 22 '08
Ram's Head Live
Baltimore, MD, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Thu Oct 23, '08 5:25 am
Excellent show as always! Brought my 12yr old son for his first gig and his jaw was on the floor all night. We caught the band arriving to the show, thanks Joe, Stu, Galen and Jeff for talking to us before the show. I have attended over 15 Satch shows over the years and this show had a distrubing moment. During the Super Colossal Joe broken a string, Ok it happens when you shred like he does. Joe was visibly upset as well all know he is a perfectionist. He ran backstage stage got another guitar which took much longer than you would expect but Joe came back and the band finished the song. So after the song Joe apologizes for the problem and cracks a few jokes about it to get back on track with the show. At this point some FU*KING IDIOT from the balcony throws something at Joe and hits him in the shoulder. ARE YOU FING KIDDING ME? Joe is trying to get past an equipment issues which happens and then some AHOLE throws something at him? Understandably Joe was pissed and said "Ok lets get on with it" and started the next song. Joe being the pro that he is finished the show with poise and energy. Thanks Joe! Sorry we had a AHOLE in the crowd.